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Gaurang Electronic Industries is manufacturer of Electrical and Electronic components. GAURANG brand name is known for quality, innovative product, prompt delivery and excellent customer support in Indian industry and world over. Marketing is handled by dealer network in entire INDIA. Products are exported world over directly or through local exporters. Products are used in manufacturing Electronic Instruments & Electrical Equipments that are used in the industries. Instrument Cases, Din Rail Enclosures / PCB Holders range is appreciated locally and world over.

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Date : 10-02-2021

Digital Panel Meter (DPM) Case is Panel Flush mounting for 3 ½ Digital Panel Instruments. It is used in measuring indicating and control technology. Designed for easy installation, the case facilitates extremely rational equipment assembly with optimal utilization of space.

  • Case size 79x43x26 mm
  • Dimensional size per DIN 43 700 - Panel flush mounting.
  • Panel Mounting -- Case inserted into the cutout of the control panel from front, flange locks it to panel wall.
  • Panel Cut Out Size: 76mm x 39.5mm
  • Design to offer more inside space.
  • Snap-together design speeds up assembly.
  • Terminals : 4Pin PCB Connector or PCB Mounted Euro Fix or Plug-In Terminals
  • PCB Size : 69mm x 36.8mm
  • Red Transparent plate for display.
  • Display: 3 ½ Digit Display.
  • Provision for Terminal connection, logo & other instructions Labels.
  • Accommodates One Display PCB with 3 ½ digit display and connector.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly for servicing
  • Customization : Cutout / holes in front plate possible

Material :

Case : ABS

Back plates : ABS

Display plate Red: Polycarbonate.

Color : Black & Light Gray