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Gaurang Electronic Industries is manufacturer of Electrical and Electronic components. GAURANG brand name is known for quality, innovative product, prompt delivery and excellent customer support in Indian industry and world over. Marketing is handled by dealer network in entire INDIA. Products are exported world over directly or through local exporters. Products are used in manufacturing Electronic Instruments & Electrical Equipments that are used in the industries. Instrument Cases, Din Rail Enclosures / PCB Holders range is appreciated locally and world over.

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"Pin It" Our Enclosures for your Engineering / Design source - Gaurang Enclosures on
Date : 23-02-2015
Now you can refer our Enclosures and components at

You can see our different families of Enclosures and components in PINS having high resolution Images and Product detail in different BOARDS.

We request you to "Pin It" the PINS / Product OR Follow our BOARDS for your future reference at the time of Engineering / designing or making prototype. It is than readily available handy source.

Please Follow us or follow individual BORD of your liking to get new updates right on your screen.

We like to meet: Engineers, Manufacturers, OEM's, Stocking Distributors, Non-Stocking Distributors, Buyers, Custom Applications, and other interested parties.

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