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•Case size 79x43x26 mm

•Dimensional size per DIN 43 700 - Panel flush mounting.

•Panel Mounting -- Case inserted into the cutout of the control panel from front, flange locks it to panel wall. 

•Panel Cut Out Size: 76mm x 39.5mm

•Design to offer more inside space.

•Snap-together design speeds up assembly.

•Terminals : 4Pin PCB Connector or PCB Mounted Euro Fix or Plug-In Terminals

•Red Transparent plate for display.

•Display: 3 ½ Digit Display.

•Provision for Terminal connection, logo & other instructions Labels.

•Accommodates One Display PCB with 3 ½ digit display and connector.

•Easy assembly and disassembly for servicing

•Customization : Cutout / holes in front plate possible

•PCB Size : 69mm x 36.8mm



  • 3 ½  Digital Instruments
  • Man-machine interface equipment
  • Process indicator and controllers like Temp indicator, controller, Timers, Counters
  • Measuring indicating and control technology
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