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  • Universal mounting in all three commercially available rails EN 60 715 TH35, TH15 and G32 DIN rails.
  • Available in standard size modules
  • Provides quick & easy mounting of PCBs as no cutting or other operation is needed.
  • Panel / wall Mounting
  • For 108mm width PCB size.


Active & passive Interface modules used in Electrical circuits with Electronic system as one of its use. The typical applications of Profile PCB Holders include Mounting custom PCB and Standard interface modules for Din Connectors, Sub Miniature Din Connectors, Flat Cable Connectors also Modules like Relay modules, Opto - coupler modules, Switch modules, Fuse modules, Diode modules, Veristor Modules, Power supply modules, Over Voltage protection modules, Data Transmission & Receiver Modules, Analog/ Digital Converter etc.

Accessories ( Loose Parts )