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Profile PCB Holders Mini - 42mm

Date : Thursday, 14 June 2018

Profile PCB Holders Mini - 42mm

Profile PCB Holders Mini
DIN Rail or Panel Mount
42mm Width PCB

Profile PCB Holders provides quick & easy mounting of PCBs on Din Rail & Wall / Panel. Profiles are available in standard 1 or 2 Meter length or it can be easily cut to required custom lengths. Profiles are also available with custom length from us with accurate cutting. The typical applications of Profile PCB Holders include Mounting custom PCB and Standard interface modules for Din Connectors, Sub Miniature Din Connectors, Flat Cable Connectors also Modules like Relay modules, Opto - coupler modules, Switch modules, Fuse modules, Diode modules, Veristor Modules, Power supply modules, Over Voltage protection modules, Data Transmission & Receiver Modules, Analog/ Digital Converter etc.


  • Din Rail mounting in EN 60 715 TH35 DIN rails.
  • Panel / wall Mounting 
  • For 42 width PCB size.
  • Available in standard 1 meter and 2 meter extrusion length.
  • Available with custom length & in preassembled kit form to save time

Mounting of Profile PCB Holders:

DIN Rail Mounting: The Profile is mounted on DIN rail with help of End Piece with Rail mounting foot Left side and Right side; PCB slides into grooves on the extrusion. Two End Pieces are fixed with screws on extrusion to hold PCB securely in place and to keep out foreign objects.

Panel Mounting: To panel mount, Two Panel Mont End Pieces which has an integral mounting flange with hole slot. There is no need of Foot Pieces in Panel mounting.

Note: Save time by ordering Kit with our preassembled Profile Holders, made from profile extensions cut to size and two End Sections. They can be ordered for DIN rail or panel mounting for custom length.

Material :

Profile – Extrusion molded : PVC Self-extinguishing PVC - FR - UL94V-0
End Piece : Nylon 6.6 - FR - UL94V-2

Color :


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